Business Development Services

JAAG Inc. offers a full cradle to grave strategy in developing business internationally:

It all starts with your international goals, where you are today and where you want to be in the future.

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Sales Representative Services

Finding good people to evangelize and drive sales internationally is never easy! It requires both specialized local knowledge and contacts in order to leverage business efforts effectively within a region.
JAAG Inc. will tap into its network of affiliates to provide the right talent and knowledge worldwide to help you facilitate your international growth needs.

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Market Development Services

Your company needs branding and product awareness in any region in order to drive and motivate sales. This requires parallel marketing activity to create that awareness and develop/manage local lead generation initiatives.

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Failure is not an option

Growing your business internationally is full of pitfalls, over which you one can stumble and fall, why take the risk and go it alone!

JAAG Inc. provides a stable and proven "three legged stool" platform of services for building your international business:

  • Regional business development
  • Regional sales representation
  • Regional market development

We work with you from planning through the execution, operational and transition phases of the project providing our knowledge, contacts and expertise in a completely open and transparent fashion. You have access to everything we do on a daily basis at any time and provide automated reporting on activities and progress through our client CRM and portal.
We use our "JAAGNet" partners and affiliate networks to full advantage on behalf of every one of our customers to gain that knowledge, traction and in order to spread rapidly into markets faster than the customer can do on its own or working with similar competitive organizations.

Our company philosophy is teamwork, transparency and trust with ourselves, affiliates, partners and, of course, our clients.


one world building

Don't make failure an option; join the JAAG family and as Albert Einstein said "you only fail when you stop trying", so why don't you give JAAG a try for your international growth plans and together we will NOT make failure an option for you!!!

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