Our Story

Failure was not an option in saving Saint Paul's at the height of the Blitz. It took team work, coordination and experience against incredible odds to save this iconic church.

JAAG Inc. started assembling (through their affiliation program) a team of business development professionals and their organizations to support its clients in growing their business internationally. The team is collectively called JAAGNet.

The partnerships and building the JAAGNet network is a continous and dynamic  process and will continue to evolve as a key part of the JAAG Inc. strategy.

Our Approach

As already indicated JAAG Inc. has created an affliliate network of business development and sales channel companies called "JAAGNet" this network continues to grow in terms of number and geography within EMEA, the Americas (North, Central and Southern) and APAC.

The collaborative team is known as "JAAGNet" and provides the "safety net" needed by our clients to grow their business internationally such that failure is NOT an option.

The JAAGNet program while providing resources and expertise also provides our affiliates with a common (transparent to our customers) collaboration portal that is managed by JAAG Inc. The portal combines and complies with all new privacy regulations while allowing total transparency to our clients, providing visibility to our day to day activities at a WW level!
If you have empowered us with your trust to grow your business internationally we aim to make sure we earn that trust and you have visibility into that!

Meet the JAAGNet Affiliates

The affiliates are scattered around geographically and cover various regions.

Peter Jones



Nils Reinders


Pharrell Consulting

David Whitney


ASA Technology Ltd.

James Hyslop


365 Masterdata


Dominic Pigott

CEO Intelligent Compute

Next Steps...

Contact us in case you want to become a JAAGNet affiliate.