James Hyslop

CEO 365 Master Data

James is originally an Electro Mechanical (Royal Engineers), Electronics & Radar Engineer (Marconi) who then worked as a Design Engineer for British Aerospace Military (The MIC). James was the prime marketing, sales pioneer and technical resource in Africa and the Middle East of several storage interfaces including SASI (Shugart Associates) and SCSI (Adaptec from Novell Blue Box) plus 3ware/LSI. And then an early pioneer of both Alacritech and CoRAID.

His current focus is on Data Analytics, Database Scale Outs, Data Centers, Complete FPGA Solutions, NVMe Scale Out.

James is a director of linked companies 365MD, Allo, IDN, MAH, NKD and TRI and has several degrees. In his private capacity he enjoys the bush, farming, socialising with valued friends; and creates and is a support plus implementer of community Co-Operatives.

365 Master Data Primary Co-Operative Limited

Is a Mechatronic Engineering ISO8000 company founded by five members in 2015 with more than 150 years combined experience between them in mechanical, electrical and electronics engineering, OEM and channel sales development in Africa particularly South Africa and the Middle East. We hand pick best-of-breed technology partners to create realistic solutions for banking, communications, education, electronic trading, health, industry, insurance, industry, media, medical, mining, retail, transportation and others.
We focus on clients who struggle with technology, languages; and the scaling of their entrepreneurial businesses. Hence the following are some major areas of focus:

  • ISO8000 Master Data Structures, Auditing, Block-Chain, Governance, Identity, Risk and Security.
  • Low Latency NVMe Scale-Out Data Networks with Solarflare.
  • FPGA Low Latency based SDN networks
  • High Performance NVMe Data Storage
  • Scaling Communications with built-in protection to the edge (EOT)
  • Payment gateways on over 450 mobile networks, scalable databases and Block-Chain.
  • An End-To-End safe security-net structure to ring fence and block attacks from silicon,  malware, ransomware, viruses and others.
  • Complete End-2-End value based Data-Center solutions for all forms of electronic trading

Together with our global partner JAAG Inc. with their Jaagnet collaborative network program, we support a global customer base with specific regional contacts and expertise in each geographical area that we serve. This includes Africa, Australasia, Eurasian Economic Union, Middle East, Texas and the UK. Get cost effective, business acceleration, scale and performance where and when you need it, plus a proven track record of cost effectively empowering entrepreneurs. Call 365 Master Data and JAAG Inc. today!