Nils Reinders

CEO Pharrell Consulting

Residing in Brussels, Belgium and  Dutch from birth, Nils is an entrepreneur, business developer, and senior consultant.

Nils has extensive experience in working in fast paced, hands-on, international work environments, with a proven track record. Delivers business objectives and ensures bottom line results to reach set goals.

Through his experience, Nils has developed a unique skill set that focuses on creating long term strategic partnerships between organizations, and within organizations while ensuring commercial benefits.

Nils has worked for multiple international IT companies, on a global scale. Personally, started and helped start successful multi million-euro businesses within the distribution sector of the IT-equipment market.

Pharrell Consulting

Pharrell Consulting has been assisting American companies in bringing their products into the EMEA regional markets.

Pharrell offers services in assisting companies with project management, developing sales strategies, business development, and reversed logistics/asset management services.

Together with our global partner JAAG Inc. and their Jaagnet program, we support a global customer base with specific regional contacts and expertise in each geography we serve thoughout EMEA. Get cost effective, business acceleration and scale where you need it, faster and more cost effectively than going it alone. Call Pharrell today!