Business Development Services

Based on your international goals we develop a bespoke business strategy and provide transition planning for moving international operational activities to company's own employees as your company expands its investment.

Sales Representative Services

JAAG Inc. can tap into its network of affiliates to provide the right worldwide talent and knowledge to facilitate the your  international project. With its philosophy of cradle to grave support for its clients JAAG will plan and help in the transition of the company's employees taking over.

Marketing Development Services

Through its vast array of verified end user contacts and those of its affiliates, JAAG Inc. can provide an instant audience for this information, this is further leveraged through its market development services. JAAG will work in collaboration with the company's existing and new corporate wide marketing and launch activities to implement a total world wide message.

business development

Business Development Planning

Based on your company's international goals our plan will include:

  • Investment development and execution strategy
  • Sales channel development
  • Regional pricing model development
  • Process change development and infrastructure
  • Technology partner development
  • Service infrastructure development
  • Import/Export set-up and management

Sales Strategy Planning

Based on international sales goals and timing JAAG will create an international sales strategy plan which will include:

  • Individual regional sales strategies
  • End user pull through sales services
  • Sales channel push services
  • Technical pre-sales support services
  • International sales funnel management and reporting
sales strategy
Market Development - 1

Market Development Planning

Looking at your international marketing and branding goals we will create a market development plan which will include:

  • Company and product branding
    • Regional product launches
    • Regional newsletter creation and distribution
  • Regional event and meet up organization and follow up
  • Regional end user lead generation activities and management
  • Localization of sales and marketing materials
  • Regional public relations
  • Regional campaign budget, management and reporting

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