Virtual Instruments Changes Name to Virtana to Drive AIOps –

Virtual Instruments has renamed itself Virtana with the formal launch of a software-as-a-service offering to monitor cloud platforms and optimize cloud.

Source: Virtual Instruments Changes Name to Virtana to Drive AIOps –   


Virtana CEO Philippe Vincent said the name change reflects a transformation from being simply a provider of storage I/O performance testing tools to becoming a provider of an IT operations management platform infused with artificial intelligence (AIOps). As part of that effort, the CloudWisdom offering represents the first time Virtana has extended the reach of its offerings beyond on-premises IT environments, he said.

CloudWisdom will differentiate itself, Vincent said, because it combines cloud monitoring with built-in tools for optimizing cloud costs. Rival offerings require IT organizations to acquire two separate services, he noted. The CloudWisdom platform monitoring capabilities span databases, messaging platforms and containers, as well as cloud infrastructure services from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft.

In general, Vincent said IT organizations are moving away from a reactive approach to managing IT to a more proactive approach that will require increased reliance on automation. As IT environments become more complex, too many IT organizations are trying to compensate by over provisioning IT infrastructure resources to make sure application performance doesn’t deteriorate or applications crash. That approach not only drives IT costs higher, he said, but it also makes those costs unpredictable.