BSO is a privately-owned international company led by technologists. They are the infrastructure provider of choice for data-empowered businesses, connecting 103 major data centres worldwide on their high-performance network. BSO continually invest in their network and datacenters to deliver market-leading, progressive solutions for their customers. Their agile business model and growth-mindset allows them to expand quickly into new territories, so customers can immediately benefit from opportunities in the most dynamic and attractive markets.

 In 2017 they were voted 'Best Low Latency Network Provider of the Year'.

Circle B

Circle B offers Open Compute Project based solutions, similar to those of hyper-scale organizations such as Facebook, Rackspace and Microsoft. They use scale-out racks of high-end commodity components to provide agile and modular architectures that are superior to conventional infrastructures in terms of operational efficiency, density and energy consumption.

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Located in Hamburg, Germany, CloudSeeds designs and operates open-source-based, distributed cloud infrastructures. The company was founded in 2013 to establish highly scalable service networks for customers to run their services in unison at optimal network locations. By providing intelligently automated, self-optimizing infrastructure technology and service capacity throughout entire networks, CloudSeeds facilitates intent-driven, instant service delivery and empowers its customers to deliver the ultimate consumer experience.


From its inception in 2006, Packets2Disk has continued to grow steadily and now has a global presence, with customers throughout the world, including the leading players in all major financial markets. Much of Packets2Disk's success is due to the fact that they continue to focus on the core competencies that make them special: the decoding, storage and analysis of trading data. Packets2Disks develop all their technology and products in-house and work closely with a network of partners, together delivering a comprehensive package that provides customers with the best-in-class technology for each element of their required solution.


QuasarDB is a very fast Time Series database. It does storage, distribution, normalization and analytics and delivers up to 1,000 X performance gain to achieve “interactive” Big Data. Data are transparently distributed on disk or in memory. QuasarDB can reliably ingest millions of points/sec. and aggregate billions of lines/sec.; it handles extreme use cases such as huge and dense time-series or millions of small ones. It interfaces with Excel, Spark, Python, R, Grafana. Finance, Intelligence, Transportation, Avionics, Cybersecurity, Predictive Maintenance greatly benefit from QuasarDB.  QuasarDB's headquarters are located in Paris and the company has recently opened offices in New York.


Solarflare solutions have earned a sterling reputation in financial services and are used by virtually every major global exchange, commercial bank and hedge fund. This exacting, regulated performance uniquely qualifies Solarflare's solutions for use in ultra-scale applications in IoT, big data and artificial intelligence where low latency, robust security, and insightful telemetrics are critical.

Solarflare is headquartered in Irvine, California, and operates R&D facilities in Cambridge, UK and New Delhi, India.